Directed by Nico Casabecchia from Brand New School, this commercial for the new Tripleshot drink by Starbucks needed art directed & animated graphic elements that would match the high energy and self expression provided by the talented dancers and the director's vision.
Client - Starbucks
Studio - Brand New School
Director - Nico Casavecchia
Cinematographer - Neil Shapiro
Art Director - Sebastien Camden
Designers - Emeric Trahand, Mercedes Affleck, Sebastien Camden, Yoon Lee, Gerald Mark Soto, Matthew Stone, Emily Friedman, Andy Kim & Jun Yang
Animators - Sebastien Camden, Seong Yeop Sim, Jeremie Carreon, Gerald Mark Soto, Matthew Stone, Jun Yang
Storyboards - Tony Hsieh
Compositor - Brian Yu
Editor - Tyler Horton
Assistant Editors - Joseph Huba, Andrew Polich & Nate Blackmon
Colorist - Arianna Shining Star
Audio Mixing - Squeak E Clean
CCO - Jonathan Notaro
Managing Partner & Executive Producer - Devin Brook
Head of Production - Tita Poe
Producer - Taline Ghazarian