Mojo Supermarket reached out to L'Éloi and Anecdote to lend a very specific directorial approach to their latest campaign for Death Wish Coffee: "LIVE WITH A DEATH WISH." As the name of these roasted beans suggests, their coffee offers a strong taste and a lot of energy. To convey that spirit in the three social posts we created, we opted for ultra-dynamic type animations to support a fast-paced VO.
How does the coffee taste? What does Death Wish do to your brain? What disclaimer do our lawyers have to say about the coffee? These were the topics we explored, concluding with a strong, impactful end card that showcases the packaging captured in beautiful live action.
Lockup Exploration
Kinetic Type R&D
Pack Shot Process
Client : Death Wish Coffee
Agency : Mojo Supermarket
Directed by Anecdote
Production : L'Éloi

Executive Producer : Sébastien Hotte
Post Producer : Marie-Luce Lessard
Executive Production Coordinator : Stéphanie Lavallée


Motion Design : Florence Levasseur
Director of Photography : Ménad Kesraoui
1st AC : Kévin Gourvellec
Chef électro : Olivier Racine
Chef machino : Samuel Boisvert
DIT : Jeremy Bobrow
Art Director : Audrey St-Laurent
Régisseur : Sacha Brunet
Production Assistant : Adelin Herblot
Colograding : Outpost - Martin Gaumond


Founder & Creative Chief: Mo Said
Group Creative Director: Frank Garcia 
Senior Copywriter: Brian Marcolini 
Senior Art Director: Damian Antonio 
Head of Production: Erica Grubman
Producer: Chanelle Larios
Group Account Director: Scott Mai 
Account Supervisor: Mary Corbin Burlingame
Account Manager: Hester Yang
Business Affairs Director (Hailstorm): Russ Nadler 
Head of Strategy: Ryan McDaid 
Brand Strategy Director: Amelea Renshaw
Senior Social & Content Strategist: Christina Montagna