This video was commissioned by the Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of EPFL. The purpose was to show the main goals of the office, which are mainly to enhance EPFL inventions. Avoiding to only summarize common tasks, we chose to focus on the invention and its development, thanks to the TTO. We created a brand-new technological world nonetheless poetic, where the plot takes place. 

Behance – Motion Design Feature
Client - TTO, EPFL 
Directing & Illustrations - Ilina Catana & Mélissa D'Amore
Motion Design - Sebastien Camden & Samuel Charlebois
Additional Motion Design - ROS-B & Guillaume Bazire
3D Modeling - Alexandre Sirois-Vigneux
Music & Sound Design - Vincent Lagadrillère
Voice Over - Guillaume Champoux
Recording & Mixing - PEAK Media
Scenario - Jan Haesler